statute chronic disease

The federal government is working on a statute for the chronically ill. This could also be interesting for aniridia patients, since also rare diseases are mentioned.

Translated quote from De Witte Stok nummer 4 jaargang 2013:

The Council of Ministers approved a draft royal decree which defines the conditions for the statute of persons with chronic illness.
The text proposes that the statute :

  • Is automatically awarded by the health insurance on the basis of a financial criterion or on the basis of the awarded right of flat-rate allowance for the high health expenditure;
  • Will be awarded on the basis of a certificate issued by a specialist, stating that the recipient suffers from a rare disease.

Currently, persons who have the status benefit the following:

  • Mandatory application of the system of the third-party payer from January 1, 2015 and
  • The reduction of 100 euros on the maximum amount of co-payments.

Specifically, the approximately 840,000 chronically ill people will be able to enjoy a faster recovery of the co-payment via maximum invoices and third-party payment arrangement whereby they no longer have to pay in advance all their medical expenses.