Second meeting Aniridia Belgium

The second Aniridia Belgium meeting was held on Saturday, July 4th in the University Hospital Antwerp (UZA). The presentations are now online available.

Joeri and Didier, initiators of Aniridia Belgium, started with a short introduction in which they situated Aniridia Belgium and briefly recapitulated its objectives.

Next a short presentation of each participant followed. Both young as well as some older patients or their family were present; there is also a mix of sporadic and familial aniridia. At this moment, Aniridia Belgium reaches around 14 families and around 18 patients. Prof. Marie-José Tassignon, Prof. Nadia Zakaria and Dr. Steffi Matthyssen participated on behalf of the University Hospital Antwerp.

During her presentation, Prof. Tassignon gave at one side some background on the evolution in Belgium regarding rare diseases and gave at the other side an overview of treatments and research activities relevant for aniridia. The University Hospital Antwerp has put forward aniridia as one of its key areas with respect to their expertise on rare diseases.

The extensive talk by Prof. Zakaria gave a detailed insight into ongoing research on treatment of the cornea and in particular limbal stem cell transplantations. Afterwards, Dr. Matthyssen gave a brief overview on her PhD research related to 3D printing of the cornea.

An open discussion on the operation of Aniridia Belgium and ongoing action points concluded in the afternoon the meeting.

All presentation are now online available: